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What is Ki-Aikido?

Ki-Aikido is a modern martial art developed from ancient martial schools. The words Ai-Ki-Do is Japanese and could be translated to something like "the Way (Do) to Harmony (Ai) with the Life Force (Ki)".

Ki-Aikido is not only a martial art and a system of self defence, it is also a life philosophy that can be used in daily life. In Ki-Aikido one focus on developing ones understanding of Ki ("Life force"). To do this we use different exercises to develop co-ordination between mind and body. In Ki-Aikido we believe that when mind and body are united, a person is as resourceful and content as s/he can be; whether it is in work, relations, practice or self defence.

In Ki-Aikido one does not compete against others - only against oneself. Through not comparing oneself with others one is able to always win - over oneself! The principle behind Ki-Aikido is to always strive to maintain harmony, which means that an attack should not be met with force, but with soft, leading movements. Ki-Aikido does not focus on punching, blocking and kicking. The emphasis is on uniting with the force of the attacker in order to lead his/hers energy and thereby to control the situation. Ki-Aikido places a lot of emphasis on the dynamics of movement. Therefore one does not need to be strong and atlethic in order to start practicing Ki-Aikido. There are people in almost all ages practicing Ki-Aikido.